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RMI Architects

Regenerating an architectural powerhouse.

RMI Architects were formed in 1963 and have been one of the top architectural studios in Northern Ireland ever since. They had a legacy of developing key projects in Northern Ireland’s post-troubles era, including landmarks like the Waterfront Hall, but since recovering from 2008’s global financial crisis they had fallen from visibility.

The brand needed to be updated to reflect an internal change in management and to build a renewed, positive momentum. We worked with the entire architectural studio to develop a brand vision that they could all be proud to get behind.

RMI Architects Logo Design
RMI Architects Brand Design

Changing the meaning of a name, rather than changing a name.

The trading name ‘Robinson McIlwaine’ and the shortened ‘RMI’ had lost its meaning since the company founders had retired.

We developed a brand language built around the idea of RMI as an acronym for other inspiring architectural words. The core brand statement is now ‘Respond. Make. Inspire’ but there is an expanded set for use on other brand touchpoints, such as on Tenders or when presenting their proposals to clients.

RMI Architects Brand Design
RMI Architects Brand Design
RMI Architects Brand Design
RMI Architects Brand Design
RMI Architects Brand Design
RMI Architects Brand Design

Putting the company's experience front and centre.

The RMI Architect brand is now strong, permanent & something to look up to. To inspire both confidence and creativity. Rather than hide the “EST.” date we included it on a modern-feeling logo. A clear statement of experience & longevity with which most of their competitors cannot compete.

rmi architects website
rmi architects website
RMI Architects Brand Design

An appropriate brand for an award winning company

We also completed the RMI Architects website design

RMI Architects Website Design

RMI Architects Website Design Project

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