Risk and Resilience Brand and Website Design

Risk and Resilience help their clients identify and manage potential risks to their business. We were asked to design a new brand and website to help them better communicate the scope of their service and build new client relationships.

We built the new brand around our idea that Risk and Resilience 'shine a light' on potential risks faced, and show the way to respond when risks present themselves. To help them communicate this we had the new logo built as a light to be photographed in the spaces where their plans and processes are used.

Launched in the later part of 2015, the brand has been very well received. We look forward to helping Risk and Resilience further develop their brand in the coming months with additional photography and branded materials.

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Photography by Opposite Page.

Logo Light Logo Light Logo Light Risk-And-Resilience-Brand-And-Website-Design-Belfast-02-05 Logo Light Risk-And-Resilience-Brand-And-Website-Design-Belfast-02-07 Risk-And-Resilience-Brand-And-Website-Design-Belfast-02-08 Risk-And-Resilience-Brand-And-Website-Design-Belfast-02-09 Risk-And-Resilience-Brand-And-Website-Design-Belfast-02-10Risk and Resilience Website Design Desktop Risk-And-Resilience-Brand-And-Website-Design-Belfast-02-11 Risk-And-Resilience-Brand-And-Website-Design-Belfast-02-12

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