Ortho Only Brand and Packaging Design

We were approached to help Ortho Only bring their new anti snoring product to market with brand and packaging design.

Looking into this sector we saw that equivalent existing products can be cumbersome, uncomfortable, difficult to use, and often include parts that make more noise than the problem snoring. This new Ortho Only product is small, simple, reliable, and easy to use. In other words it's a breath of fresh air.

We saw this as a new positive approach to this sector. We wanted to put this at the core of our idea to communicate the positivity of a brand that aims to help people sleep better, fell less stressed and better rested. Aiming to have a branded retail presence along with individual product brands, our task was to consider the multiple areas where the new brands would need to work.

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Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-01 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-02 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-03 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-04 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-05 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-06 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-07 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-08 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-09 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-10 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-11 Ortho-Only-Brand-and-Packaging-Design-Bag-of-Bees-12

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