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  • Mackle Petfoods Brand & Graphic Design

All-new, all-natural, raw, freeze-dried treat brand.

Mackles Petfoods came to us with the goal to create a new high-end pet snack/treat range with the long term aim of becoming a successful 3rd pillar in their ranges. The snack is made from only freeze-dried human-grade ingredients such as Atlantic Salmon.

Our task was to develop unique name concepts for the range, deliver a unique brand and positioning, and to design the packaging (and cases) for the first two products in the range.

Name Brief

A premium treat brand for pets, using high quality natural ingredients and processes for better health.

Name Concept

Everything your pet eats should help support a balanced diet. Even treats. And nourishing your pets with the right food gives them what is necessary for life, health and growth.

Name Solution


Norsh Petfoods

The name ‘Norsh’ is a created word with a broadly European feel and unique personality. It nods to nutrition, and has a fun reference to the noise a pet makes while eating it… “norsh, norsh, norsh”.

Norsh Petfoods
Norsh chicken packaging
Norsh chicken packaging
Norsh chicken packaging
Norsh Pet Foods Branding Packaging Designs

The look and feel of the packaging is premium without feeling stuffy. It’s fun, modern, bright and extremely eye catching on shelves. The pouches are printed on a fully-compostable medium, meaning every empty pack just goes back to the earth rather than landfill.

Norsh Petfood Stationery Design
Norsh Petfood Box Design
Norsh Petfood Web Design

Customers Love It

“In terms of the design and the name, it’s been really well received! We get a lot of positive feedback on our social media platforms about the branding and the look. People seem to love the colours, the branding and feel it fits with the brand ethos and values.”

Marketing Manager, Mackles


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