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NewCMI are one of the leading IT Service Providers in the UK, specialising in enterprise-level IT infrastructure system design, build and support.

They had gone through an extensive rebranding project with us which had led to a new, positive copy style and vibrant graphic design ideas. We were asked to build a brand new website which would become the foundation of their growth strategy.

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NewCMI Website Design
NewCMI Website Design
NewCMI Website Design
NewCMI Website Design
NewCMI Website Design
NewCMI Website Design

Refining a sprawling website structure.

The previous NewCMI site had grown in an unordered way over the years, which resulted in a massive site with some really important pages buried from view. We worked with the team to untangle their services, reducing the page count from 250 to 40 which makes navigation much simpler for users.

NewCMI Website Design
NewCMI Website Design

Building a long term vision rather than a stopgap.

"Responsive, creative and helpful"

“By far the most responsive, creative and helpful team I have ever worked with. Their design and content skills, interpretation of the client’s brief and implementation of the site was second to none.”

Julie Roulston

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