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Building a scientific website as a strategic brand expression.

Examen are a medical diagnostics company specialising in the area of male reproductive health. Their product analyses sperm down to the DNA and produces an actionable report which can make all the difference for couples having trouble getting pregnant or suffering repeated unexplained miscarriages.

As part of their extensive renaming & rebranding project with us, they needed to rethink their website and build an informative, authoritative source of information. The new site would allow customers to buy the test online and reassure them by being a clear expression of their new brand.

Visit Examen.

examen website design
examen website design
examen website design
examen website design
examen website design
examen website design
examen website design
examen website design

The right content at the right time for the right audience.

The first part of any medical or scientific company website design project is working out who the audience is expected to be and what level of complexity they will be willing or able to understand. The Examen site needed to look clear and understandable for the general public but also promote the scientific rigour behind the test to an audience of expert healthcare professionals.

To answer this we built a section for healthcare professionals which includes an extensive library containing hundreds of peer-reviewed research papers.

examen website design
examen website design

"Exceeded our expectations"

“The whole team listened attentively to us, drilled down to the core of our business by asking lots of questions until they attained a depth of complicated medical knowledge and then promptly delivered a name, brand & website that exceeded our expectations.

When we think ‘Bag of Bees’, words like ‘professional, innovative, dedicated, flexible, adaptable, patient with website dummies, responsive and communicative’ come to mind.”

Sheena Lewis
CEO, Examen

We also produced the Examen brand design.

Examen Name and Brand Design

Examen Name & Brand Design Project

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