Dental Excellence Group – Relationship

The Dental Excellence Group comprises multiple dental practices throughout Northern Ireland and London. The group are also part of the wider 3fivetwo Group of companies.

We have been working with 3fivetwo for a number of years and were recommissioned to bring new clarity to Dental Excellence Group's branding and messaging. Without a clear strategy in place, each practice had been allowed to use individual promotions. This was inefficient and created confusion. It was clear our task should be creating cohesion amongst the practices and services.

We set about developing of a group-wide brand strategy, making it clear that each practice was part of a wider group, offering a full range of specialist services across the network. Implementing this group-wide approach allowed 3fivetwo to distinguishing themselves from their competition by showcasing their combined strength for the very first time. Our approach was applied to multiple advertising campaigns, as well as through direct mail to over 50,000 homes across Northern Ireland, supported by the Group’s first combined company brochure.

We continue to work with Dental Excellence Group as well as directly with their individual practices, supporting their specific needs while maintaining a consistent visual treatment across the group.

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Dental Excellence Advertising Campaign DesignDental Excellence Campaign Design Dental Excellence Advertising Design Graphic Design of Adshels for Dental Excellence Dental Excellence digital advertising

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