David Meade identity design

David Meade identity design

David Meade is perhaps best known for his popular BBC One TV show. We designed his brand identity and have since developed branding for his tours and merchandise.

On-screen his act is about trickery and entertainment. Off-screen he’s a keynote speaker with prestigious clients, as well an innovative business trainer. His brand had to work for these two different markets and set him apart as a world-class entertainer.

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David Meade BrandingDavid Meade BrandingDavid Meade BrandingDavid Meade Branding

David Meade's new tour - 2015

We developed the branding and marketing materials for David Meade's new live theatre tour, Million Dollar Mindreader, starting January 2015. Taking inspiration from Op Art and using the suite of colours developed for his brand, we created something eye-catching and energetic.

David Meade Tour BrandingDavid Meade Tour BrandingDavid Meade poster the mac belfastDavid Meade tour poster

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